Work from home services

Solutions to help your staff work remotely

More and more businesses in the Coachella Valley are allowing their employees to work from home. While working from home may be advantageous for employees, for business owners it creates plenty of challenges. Our work from home solutions allow you and your business to have the peace of mind that productivity and security remain at the highest level possible. From VPN, virtualization, and cloud collaboration software, we have the tools necessary to mobilize your workforce.

Work from home transitions

Transitioning your staff to working from home, and vice versa can be quite stressful. Your dedicated team at Gallosky Networks will work with you and your staff to make the transition as painless as possible. Before the transition, we'll plan to ensure all systems and processes are in place, and even conduct a test-run with you or one of your employees.

End user training

Having to use new software, or access your work computer remotely may prompt some users to scratch their heads. We will work with each user to ensure that they can access all business resources, and solve any issues as required. We can also train your staff on enhancements and other ways to maximize the collaboration tools that we implement for your business.

VPN configuration

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a tool that allows for a secure connection to your office. With A VPN, your employees can connect to all work resources, including servers and other devices over a secure connection with multi factor authentication. If a VPN makes sense for your business after learning more about the needs of your business, we will setup, configure, and provide proof of concept testing before the work from home transition begins, ensuring a smooth and painless transition when the time comes.


As the needs of your business change with the work from home strategy we create, migrating computers and servers to the Gallosky Networks cloud is not only easy, but cost-effective. Our solutions provide virtual desktops with high-availability, virtual servers that are not only scalable but fully additionally fully customizable. Virtualization doesn't have to be overwhelming or scary - and we'll guide you every step of the way in your migration to the cloud. Enjoy a streamlined experience, all while working in the cloud from anywhere Internet access is available.

Cloud communication

Working remotely requires enhanced communications between you and your staff. For clients on our cloud managed phone system, meeting and chat capabilities are already included in the desktop and mobile apps. For other clients, we work with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and many other cloud collaboration solutions, and we'll be more than happy to set you and your employees up with the tools necessary to communicate efficiently.

Remote support.

Just because you and your staff might be working remotely, the level of service you expect from Gallosky Networks doesn't change. In fact, we have a few clients who used to own businesses right here in the valley that are now working remotely throughout the country. We'll work with you and your team no matter what state or time zone you're in! Our remote support toolkit allows us to continue our normal service levels - even we work from home once in a while!

Work anywhere.

The Valley, Florida, or anywhere

Training available.

We'll get your team up and running

Safe and secure.

Simply our highest priority

How long does the transition take?

Having your staff work from home can be quite complex, and depends on a few variables. With that being said, we'll work with you and any stakeholders to determine the preferred work from home or back to office transition date. We prefer to stagger the transition, so we can give each user the individual attention they deserve to ensure that all systems are fully functioning, and assist as necessary.

What remote device strategy should is best for me?

There are four different strategies, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), COPE (Company Owned/Personally Enabled), and COBO (Company Owned, Business Only). Your dedicated team will go over the pros and cons of each, as they specifically relate to your business. For example, one of our clients uses laptops as their primary computer for all staff. When the client transitioned to working from home, staff simply took their monitors and laptops home, and continued working.

Our current work from home solutions aren't working. Help!

We're here to help you out! While the work from home solutions that are currently deployed to your business might be great, if they are not setup and configured properly, your team may not be able to utilize the tools to their fullest. Additionally, if your team was not trained on the changes to how work would be performed, your team could be suffering from a loss of productivity. In any event, we'll work with you to evaluate current work from home tools, and work up a plan of action so that work from home can allow your employees to be more productive and overall closer to the in-office feel you might be used to.