Website hosting services

Website domain and hosting services for your business

With literally thousands (if not more) hosting companies available for your business, we only felt it necessary to differentiate ourselves from other hosting companies. Besides being local to the valley, our two hosting options not only can fit your budget, but provide impressive uptime and speed to your website. Whether you choose our standard, shared hosting option or our premium dedicated hosting solution, we'll provide the reliability, and support you expect while keeping it local.

Domain services

It all begins with your website domain address - this is where people find you online! If your business is not already online, we can purchase the domain for you. Purchasing your domain through Gallosky Networks includes privacy protection, and are managed fully by Gallosky Networks. If you don't already have a domain, once the domain is up for renewal, we can transfer the domain into Gallosky Networks so we can manage the domain and ensure that the domain renews each year for your business. Most of our clients save about 33% versus their old domain register. Having your domain managed by Gallosky Networks also ensures that your website hosting works seemless, and any issues are quickly resolved by our support specialists.

Hosting services

Leave the technical stuff to us! Hosting websites, website applications, security, and server-side support is managed solely by Gallosky Networks. Optimal up-time for your website is our number one priority. We take care of all the details so you can remain focused on your marketing and customers. Our hosting packages are years ahead of most hosting providers. We charge a flat rate for unlimited storage on super-fast next-generation servers, without constricting contracts. Since our hosting is fully managed, we're there to help if you need us. Having your domain managed by Gallosky Networks also ensures that your website hosting works seamless, and any issues are quickly resolved by your Client Support Specialist.

Standard hosting plan.

Our standard shared hosting plan is run completely on renewable energy right here in the United States. In fact, besides running on renewable energy, we also contribute to a cleaner tomorrow via green energy credits. Your website is backed up weekly, with each backup stored indefinitely. We only use SSD storage as well (think of it as a high speed disk) which promises huge speed increases compared to many other web hosting providers. Your hosting package also includes a free SSL certificate, which is the new standard of websites and helps keep the website secure while building trust with your customers.

Premium hosting plan.

Our premium hosting package is designed for both speed and reliability. Premium hosting with Gallosky Networks is done on a dedicated server with impressive specs. Whereas in our standard plan (and most web hosting companies) hundreds or even thousands of sites are hosted on a single server, our premium plan gives your website a dedicated server. Hosting your website on a dedicated server increases performance of your website by not having to share resources with any other website. Your website will be hosted in Los Angeles, which increases load times of your website dramatically. If your website is even hosted in the United States, chances are it's hosted in either the mid-west or the East coast due to cost. By having your website hosted outside of our area, your website travels a farther distance, thus increasing the time your customer has to wait for the page to load fully. We include a SSL certificate, along with weekly backups, just as in the standard shared hosting plan, running on a high speed SSD.

24/7 monitoring.

We keep problems at bay

Speedy servers.

Breaking speed barriers daily

Weekly backups.

You never know when you'll need it

What's the difference between 99.9% and 99.99% uptime?

We take reliability seriously. Our standard plan offers 99.9% uptime, while our premium plan offers 99.99% uptime. This means that in our standard plan, you website may be down for up to 44 minutes per month, not including maintenance windows. In our premium plan, that means under five minutes per month of downtime outside of maintenance windows. If your website is down for more than our service level agreement time, you won't pay a cent that month for hosting.

How will I know how much downtime occurs within a month?

In accordance to our philosophy of full transparency, we'll send you a report card on your website uptime statistics for the month, gathered by an independent, third-party provider that we use to monitor website uptime. We also will add you to our email alerts each time your website is down (and subsequently when it comes back online).

Can you help me transfer my hosting to you?

Absolutely! We're a full service technology company, so we'll work with you to first get access to your existing hosting provider, and make the switch to Gallosky Networks hosting. We'll plan how and when the cutover occurs, which generally occurs overnight on a weekend when visitors are less likely to visit your website.