Virtualization services

Move your servers and workstations to the Gallosky Networks cloud

As the needs of your business grow, migrating computers and servers to the Gallosky Networks cloud is not only easy, but cost-effective. Our solutions provide virtual desktops with high-availability, virtual servers that are not only scalable but fully customizable. Virtualization doesn't have to be overwhelming or scary - and we'll guide you every step of the way in your migration to the cloud. Enjoy a streamlined experience, all while working in the cloud from anywhere Internet access is available.

Virtual desktop

We're all used to starting up our computers, logging in, and starting our day. But what happens when that computer breaks, or your staff needs to work from home? By migrating all your computers to a virtual environment hosted by Gallosky Networks right here in the valley, your team can work anywhere. Once we migrate their computer to the cloud, we'll help setup any computer to access their new virtual desktop environment.

Virtual server

Hosting a physical server can be a bit burdensome for some businesses. Gallosky Networks can help move over a physical server to the cloud, which allows for high availability, and in many cases faster performance versus a server hosed on premise. We'll work with you to determine infrastructure needs and build out the cloud deployment, while minimizing downtime during the migration process.

The Gallosky Networks cloud.

Our cloud incorporates an array of servers, ready to serve you and your business with all virtualization needs. With redundant power, networking, and server hardware itself, our cloud is ready to serve your business. We host our cloud infrastructure right here in the Coachella Valley at our Cathedral City office, and love keeping it local in any way that we can.

Powerful equpiment.

Servers ready to tackle any task

High speed.

Super fast SSD-powered servers

Super secure.

Fully secure virtualization services

How safe is virtualization?

Quite safe! Depending on the needs of your business, besides standard password protection, we can restrict access to your virtualized resources to a specific location. As an example, we can restrict access to all resources to only be available when logging in via your Internet at your business. As another example, we can configure a virtual desktop to only be accessible at an employees home.

How fast are your servers?

All of our servers run on the latest Xeon processors, are loaded with memory, and utilize SSD drives. Compared to traditional hard drives, our high speed SSD drives run 5-10x faster, and are much more reliable as well. All hardware is enterprise-grade and designed for maximum performance.

Do you back up virtualized resources?

Yes! We perform routine snapshots of your servers, along with bare-metal backups, stored on enterprise-grade storage mediums. On top of these full-system backups, we also perform individual file and folder backups via our cloud backup solution.