Threat prevention services

Mitigate electronic security risk with a ranch of solutions

Gallosky Networks offers many levels of security to prevent cyber-crime from occurring. From firewall solutions to virus, web, and email protection, we can ensure you stay safe. As an increasing amount of threats are emerging continuously, we can help minimize the risk by deploying technologies that both identify and prevent threats from disrupting your business.

Layered protection.

Viruses, just like the common cold, have many different varieties and methods for attacking your computer systems. Our enterprise security suite employs three methods to protect your servers and workstations from these ever-evolving threats. First, traditional virus protection helps stop even the toughest of threats. If a threat does somehow make it through, our software will work to remove the threat before it causes damage. As a last resort, your Client Support Specialist will work to remove the threat - though this is so rare, it's happened only once since we've been serving Coachella Valley businesses. The software also includes a local firewall, giving a second level of defense. While the firewall appliance that filters traffic as is enters in and exits your network, a local firewall provides more of a backup mechanism. Our website filtering protection can identify malicious sites, and warn you before accessing, and works with any browser.

Device and software updates.

All of these systems described are great, but if they're not updated on a regular basis, threats could enter into your business electronically. For businesses that use our Managed Care Plan, we ensure that all updates are applied automatically and conduct audits to ensure that all systems are fully updated. Otherwise, businesses can choose to have us patch all security systems monthly, or we can show you how to apply updates yourself.

No threats allowed.

Because a virus-free device is happier

Full protection.

Like a knight in shining armor

Complete accuracy.

No missing assets allowed

Can you monitor our business for threats?

Of course! With our Managed Care Plan, we actively monitor your cyber security and computer systems 24/7. We also have a la carte plans to monitor specific systems. Generally, we can stop threats before you or your business even knows they existed.

Can't I just use virus software from a store?

You certainly can, and we truly believe that anything is better than nothing. While those great deals on virus software from a local store may sound appetizing, our enterprise grade protection stops even the toughest of threats without any end-user intervention. And if a threat did somehow make it through, our in-house staff will work to remove the infection on your computer. No need to call and wait on hold for hours.

I'm a small business, is a firewall really important?

Yes - think about how much downtime you can afford. What would happen if a network attack occurs and you loose access to your data or systems to take credit cards? While we are happy to meet with you and other stakeholders in your business to provide a true risk assessment, it's very rare when we don't recommend implementing a firewall, along with other security technologies.