Technical support services

Never worry about lost data again with automatic, secure cloud backups

While our goal at Gallosky Networks is to keep your software and equipment up and running at all times, error messages and device malfunctions are an unfortunate reality. When these issues occur, your dedicated Client Support Specialist will be there, ready to assist. Our specialists can conqueror even the toughest issues either remotely or via an in-person, on site visit. We'll work with your employees and the business itself to resolve the issue in a quick and efficient manner, so your business can get back to work.

Remote support

Making technology effortless is our specialty. We work with our clients on any number of technology related solutions remotely. Our support desk is comprised of IT professionals trained to enhance the client experience and improve customer satisfaction. Client Support Specialists from Gallosky Networks will help your staff increase productivity, improve resolution times, and meet compliance standards. Allow us to help you keep your office, computers and users operating at peak performance from anywhere. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions remotely to help businesses stay up and running, being productive.

On-site support

We provide on-site IT support and solutions that strive to meet the highest expectations of our clients. Gallosky Networks is committed to being the best IT company in the marketplace today, and to do so we have to provide high quality products backed by a team of knowledgeable Client Support Specialists. We have a proven track record in customer relations, project delivery and operational technical support. We leverage our collective abilities to provide a high-quality on-site technical support and solutions. Our core strengths are years of technical and operational experience and delivering world-class customer service to set us apart from our competitors. Our goal is to be flawless in the eyes of our clients and deliver excellent onsite technology services and be their IT company of choice.

A dedicated team to assist.

When your business becomes part of the Gallosky Networks family, you are immediately assigned a Client Success Specialist and a Client Support Specialist. Having a dedicated technician to handle all issues that arise improves resolution time, while ensuring a personalized support experience. Your dedicated specialist will become a subject matter expert with all aspects of technology at your business

Fast response.

Support within minutes

Experts only.

Always learning to grow our skill set

Safe and secure.

Fully secure remote support solutions

How safe is remote support?

Quite safe! Our remote support software is protected in multiple layers of security. First, we have access controls so that only authorized staff members have access to your computer. We also employ complex passwords, change them often, and enable multi-factor authentication for all Client Support Specialists. We ensure that no unauthorized access is granted to any computers at your business.

How fast can you come out to my business?

Generally, we can come out to your business same day in most situations. Even if your dedicated Client Support Specialist is tied up with one of our other clients, our Client Support Manager will always be more than happy to come out and take a peek at the issue. We're also quite flexible, and can make an after-hours or weekend visit if needed.

Why do you prefer to help me remotely?

Providing remote support remotely allows us to help you immediately. Instead of having to wait for us to arrive at your business, we can provide our services remotely within seconds. Since we can provide support to you and your business faster, your business will be able to get back to work faster, and therefore more productive.