System monitoring services

24/7 device, network, and infrastructure monitoring

Gallosky Networks will keep both eyes on your business round the clock, so you can focus on what really matters. Our team will keep a watchful eye on your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, ensuring your IT infrastructure will always be performing at its peak. We will monitor your entire IT infrastructure in real time, and our monitoring platform will flag potential problems immediately, and send notifications to us of all pending risks.

System offline

We know that when a critical devices suddenly are inaccessible, your business can suffer. Between loss of profit from customers in store, or employees that no longer can perform their job functions, getting that device back online quickly is our highest priority. Immediately upon receiving an alert that a device is offline at your business, your Client Support Specialist will start working on restoring access to the system. We'll communicate with you to acknowledge the issue, and keep you informed throughout the issue.

Threat detection

Viruses and other cyber threats can certainly hamper your business productivity and ability to serve your customers. Upon receiving notification of a potential breech, we'll work with the affected user(s) to determine if any visual problems are detected. If there's no visible sign of penetration to your network or devices, we'll work behind the scenes to investigate the potential threat, again updating you along the way with our diagnosis.

Reduce performance identification

A slow computer or server can significantly reduce the productivity for your employees. Our monitoring software detects when systems are experiencing reduced performance, and will alert us so we can investigate the issue further. From memory pressure to disk IO, network speed to processor utilization, we'll ensure all devices at your business run smoothly and quickly.

High availability.

System monitoring services from Gallosky Networks ensures that your business is productive and stays productive. Through proactive, early detection systems, we can detect problems before they impact your customers, employees, and your business. Each device communicates with our monitoring dashboard, and any anomalies are flagged for further investigation by your dedicated Client Support Specialist.

We never sleep.

Around the clock monitoring

Early detection.

Rapid alerting when issues occur

Watching every beat.

We detect issues before you know it

What happens if something happens overnight?

If we detect a problem overnight, we'll start looking into the reported issue immediately. We'll do our best to resolve the issue, however, should an on-site visit be warranted, we'll notify you and if we don't receive a response we'll be at your business first thing in the morning, generally waiting for your business to open up, so we can start working on the issue further.

Can I have certain systems monitored?

Absolutely! While we include system monitoring services for all computers and servers on our Managed Care Plan, we can install and monitor specific devices for our hourly clients as an add-on package.

Will your system monitoring software slow down our computers?

Nope! The software that we install in very light, and will not slow down your devices. Even with older devices that have seen their better days will not be impacted by the installation of this software.