Security consulting services

Keep your business safe with Gallosky Networks

Now more than ever, your business is at risk from many threats - both physical and electronic. From cyber attacks that exploit the smallest vulnerability to after-hours break-ins, Gallosky Networks has seen pretty much everything. While there is no way to completely eliminate all security risk in a business, we specialize in minimizing your risk and exposure to criminals through our suite of solutions.

Compliance assistance

Becoming HIPPA or PCI compliant is no easy task, and maintaining compliance with either or both can be challenging. Let Gallosky Networks assist with identifying areas in need of improvement. Our specialists work directly with your stakeholders to put together an action plan on how to achieve compliance, and more importantly, stay compliant. Throughout the process of implementing recommendations, we'll keep all stakeholders updated on our progress.

Penetration testing

The weakest point in your electronic security may an external threat. Penetration testing by Gallosky Networks helps to determine the weakest link in your network. Through vulnerability and penetration testing, we'll attempt to hack into your network ethically. Once all testing completes, we'll prepare a report and present our findings, along with an action plan to mitigate risk going forward. We'll also compile a plan of action to keep external risk to a minimum.

Physical security

No security suite is complete without physical protection for your office. Gallosky Networks offers a wide varity of physical security solutions, including cameras and local/centrally monitored alarm. Throughout the consulting, we'll plan the best course of action to meet the security needs of your business while respecting your budget.

Post-attack mitigation services.

Gallosky Networks can also assist with risk mitigation if a cyber attack already took place. Our team of specialists will work effortlessly to first stop the threat from causing further damage, then to remediate and repair any damage that occurred.

Cloud video security.

See what's going on anywhere, anytime

Ethical hacking.

Protect your business from threats

Threat mitigation.

Mitigation team to the rescue

What's the best way to stay secure?

Working with Gallosky Networks, we can create an action plan that your business can carry out. Simple tasks such as employee offboarding, Windows and firmware updates, or antiquated technology often create security holes to your network. We'll put a plan in place, and see how we can help out.

What is ethical hacking and is it safe?

Ethical hacking is completely safe because it is done under direct authorization of your business. Our staff will attempt to breach your network using multiple methods. If we are able to gain access to your network, we'll work with you to prevent the same attack to be played out by a real hacker. While ethical hacking is done to identify and patch up a vulnerability, traditional hacking is done to cause harm to a network or business.

What is HIPPA and PCI compliance? Should I care?

If your business deals with medical records or processes credit cards on site, you absolutely should care about these two acronyms. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPPA for short, deals with how patient and medical records are maintained and transferred. PCI, or Payment Card Industry deals with how credit card and other financial records are stored and transferred. Gallosky Networks can assist with making sense of all rules and requirements to become compliant and maintain your compliance.