Security camera services

Keep eyes on your business, even when you're not at the office

It's unrealistic to be in every place at once at your business, nor can you be there 24 hours a day. Because of this, security cameras have become an essential part of any layered security approach. In combination with other security measures, security cameras can be your eyes (and ears) when you can't be present. Combine powerful camera systems with DVR storage and mobile viewing options, we believe that every business should invest in this technology to deter theft.

Step 1

To begin, we'll come out to your business and provide a free evaluation of the space. Working with your specific concerns and budget, along with a blueprint of the space, we'll put a plan together on how we can best cover your business. We'll demo current solutions we have implemented, and give you a few options to choose from, along with our recommendation.

Step 2

We'll take care of everything during implementation - from running cables to programming the system to your liking. We'll configure storage, along with setting up remote viewing and playback functionality that works with cell phones, tablets, and any computer, from anywhere in the world. As the system is connected and brought online, we'll review every camera to ensure we get the perfect angle, and that it satisfies any requirements that were discussed during the planning and evaluation phase.

Step 3

Once the deployment is complete, we will work with you and any other employees with setup of the remote viewing and playback functionality. Additionally, we'll always be available to handle any support requests int the future. If your business opts into our maintenance plan, you'll be seeing us monthly for a visual inspection of all security equipment.

Ongoing maintenance and support.

Our maintenance services ensures that your security system stays fully functional and protected to ensure the footage will be available when you need it the most. We start by conducting a physical inspection on site monthly. During this inspection, we ensure that all connections between the camera and the system are secure and in good working condition. We also conduct a visual inspection of the system to ensure no storage or other errors are present, along with dusting and cleaning lenses as necessary. As most security camera systems are saved locally on site, we conduct an off-site backup. We backup all recordings to the cloud, and provide you with access to the footage either indefinitely or on an as-needed basis, depending on your needs.

Use existing equipment.

Often times, our security camera solutions can be retrofitted to be backwards compatible with any current equipment that may not need to be replaced just yet. During our on site meeting, we can take a look at any current equipment being used and see what can be spared from a security camera upgrade project.

Criminals beware.

We help malicious activity stay away

Nowhere to hide.

Every inch of your business covered

Facial recognition.

High tech systems for today's world

What brands do you work with?

Unlike some security camera vendors, we're not tied to any particular brand or model. While there are many different security manufacturers to choose from, working with your business, we'll determine the best vendor to use for the specific application and your needs.

Is remote viewing secure?

Absolutely! We employ several security measures to ensure the ability to manage the system, including viewing and playback remotely is as secure as possible. Our security cameara systems use non-standard ports, authentication, and some even support multi-factor authentication for an even higher level of security. We can also configure the system so that it's only available at certain locations, such as your home.

How much retention is included in your maintenance plan?

Unlimited! We know that it's very likely that you may need or want to review footage from a particular date and time even years later. For this reason, we'll keep all video recordings safe for life, all included in our maintenance plan.