Project management services

We'll help you tackle any project, big or small

Tackling a project can certainly be overwhelming - especially when it comes to technology. Gallosky Networks can provide the necessary skill set needed to see a project from inception to deployment, no matter the size. Often times, we hear from clients that projects complete over budget and after the intended completion date. Our team of specialists will ensure we stay on track with meeting all milestones. After the project is complete, we'll stick around even after the handoff is complete to ensure there's no loose ends.

Step 1

Before starting to implement the project, our team will work with your business to determine the problem, and if necessary, we'll work with you to develop realistic solutions that meet both any time or budget constraints. Working with project stakeholders, we'll create realistic milestones that allow everyone involved to monitor project spend and timelines. We'll work together to create a plan that eliminates the risk scope creep, but still satisfies all needs of the project.

Step 2

We understand that sometimes things don't go as planned. Therefore, we'll work together to determine contingency plans, and prioritize milestones to separate the essentials from wish-list items. Your dedicated team will check in frequently, and critical quality checkpoints between milestones will help to ensure the overall success of the project.

Step 3

After the project completes, we'll work with you and project stakeholders to perform a final QA on the delivered project. If needed, we'll make the final tweaks and adjustments until it's perfect and satisfies all members involved in the project. Depending on business needs and the project itself, we can provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Your partner for any technology project.

Our project management team can assist with any project. Some of our common projects include moving email off a local email server such as Microsoft Exchange, disaster recovery, deploying enterprise grade wireless, upgrading to a cloud phone system, or migrating a server to the cloud. Whatever the need is, Gallosky Networks is your trusted partner to ensure a seamless completion.

Milestone driven.

On task, on budget, on time

Quality matters.

The highest quality every step

The right skills.

Our experts can tackle any project

How do you stay on budget and on time?

In the planning stage, we work with project stakeholders to develop a realistic timeline, and plot out our milestones. Each project milestone will have a target date along with target spend in terms of physical equipment, intangible objects such as licenses and software, and labor expenses. Contingency plans built in means that we have a solution should a problem arise. Setting clear expectations will help avoid scope creep - one of the biggest threats to any project.

How many people will work on the project?

Depending on the scope and timeline of the project, your project team will consist of at least one specialist that manages the project from start to finish and one specialist that works on the technical pieces of the project. If needed, additional specialists will be added on to the project to ensure we meet all milestone deadlines.

What qualifications do you have?

Our team of specialists have worked on a wide variety of projects for Coachella Valley businesses, from implementing enterprise grade wireless, phone systems, and migrating their email to a cloud-based email solution. We are fluent in all areas of technology, including the cloud, virtualization, and compliance. We often work with medical offices and retail environments, and are fluent in PCI and HIPPA.