Our values

Learn more about what we stand for and what drives us

Our seal of transparency.

We value open and honest communication - good or bad. We put profits second to being truthful and honest in all evaluations. Throughout the years supporting Coachella Valley businesses, we have built our business on the foundation of saving small and midsize businesses money while keeping them current, productive, and protected with technology. You'll always receive an unbiased assessment of the issue.

Cloud focused.

We've all heard about the cloud, and you might have also heard about what the cloud can offer your business. While we understand that the cloud can be very overwhelming at first, we'll work with your business every step of the way on the transition in moving email, telephones, computers, and more over to a cloud infrastructure with Gallosky Networks that works for your business and needs.

Solutions that scale.

What good is a solution that solves the immediate problem, yet cannot grow as your business grows throughout the years? At Gallosky Networks, we're not only thinking about short-term solutions, but solutions that can handle change over time. Whether we work with your network infrastructure or a cloud-based application, we'll work with you to ensure that your technology is built for whatever tomorrow brings.

Rapid response.

Each time you contact Gallosky Networks, expect a prompt response and action to your needs. We understand the urgency of issue, thus why our average response time is just around four minutes. We put ourselves in your shoes, and understand that until we can fix an issue, your productivity might be halted. Getting our clients back up and running, along with proactive, preventative maintenance to avoid downtime is our highest priority.