Office relocation services

Make your next move painless with Gallosky Networks

Relocating offices can certainly be stressful - especially when coordinating with all staff plus the moving company. Let us take some of the stress off with our office relocation services! We break down any office relocation into three parts: pre-move, moving day, and post-move. As nights and weekends are generally when users are not utilizing their technology, we offer after-hours service to reduce downtime as much as possible.

Step 1

Before the move, we'll work with you and your staff to identify all technology that will be part of the move, and document who has what, and what plugs into where. We'll also take inventory of all network assets, including the modem, wireless access points, and other network appliances, along with servers and other network resources that your business may have. We'll also work closely with your business and the moving company to plan out a strategic timeline of when the technology will be moved over. If possible, we'll prepare network assets at the new location before disconnecting critical network infrastructure, which will reduce downtime. Before the move, we'll take inventory of all technology assets that belong to a particular user electronically, along with a removable asset tag on the equipment or cable itself. Lastly, we'll collect contact information for all stakeholders. If an issue occurs during the move, we'll use this contact information as needed. Additionally, we can provide timely updates regarding the status of the move, if requested.

Step 2

On the day or night of the move, we generally first start with all critical network infrastructure, then proceed to move the priority users. Once we have confirmed that networking, servers, and priority user access is restored, we'll proceed to moving over each user in the office, one by one. Your dedicated project manager will monitor the progress in relation to the timeline initially agreed upon. All equipment will be placed in a tote, again put into your electronic inventory file to document where each inventory asset was stored. We update this inventory file throughout the entire move, so at any given time we know where every asset is...down to a monitor cable.

Step 3

Once the move is complete, and all assets have been moved to the new office space, we'll perform a walk-through with any stakeholder(s), and check with each user to ensure everything is up and running. We also provide post-move support, to ensure that everything stays working even after the move.

Temporary move services.

We can also assist with office reconfiguring or remodeling, also known as a temporary move. We'll use our three-step process mentioned above to reduce downtime and interruption to your business. Throughout the process, we'll stay in communication with your business to ensure both the initial and second moves go smoothly.

Office downsizing services.

Gallosky Networks also provides services to handle downsizing. We will work with your business to determine which stations will no longer be needed, and will inventory all asset data from each desk and/or user electronically. We'll package each station up to your specifications, and retain the inventory data. Once finished, we'll store the assets in the area desired, and hand over the documentation of each asset, and which tote the asset is located in.

Thorough planning.

We keep surprises to a minimum

Safety first.

We're careful with your equipment

Complete accuracy.

No missing assets allowed

How can we avoid downtime?

During a move, it's very likely that your business may experience downtime, where your staff will not be able to work. Our priority is to ensure that we cause the least interruption of business as possible. We have many ways that we can keep downtime to a minimum. We offer night and weekend service, along with redundant equipment.

Why not use my moving company to handle the technology move?

While many moving companies offer to move your technology, most do not have qualified specialists who physically do the move. Depending on the size of your move, at least one, if not two, Client Support Specialists are present during the move. Our specialists are experts in all sorts of technology - from wireless networking to servers and telephone systems. We know exactly what can be disconnected, when it should be disconnected, and the implications of unplugging a cable.

We're getting all new technology for the new office. Can you assist?

Absolutely! In this scenario, we generally will setup the new office with all technology before moving out of your current space. Once we have tested your new office out to ensure full functionality, we'll strategically plan a cut-over date with you. If you'd like, we would be more than happy to recycle your old technology and ensure it ends up disposed in a safe and respectful way to the environment.