Networking services

Wired and wireless solutions to handle every need

Networking connects all of the devices at your business to the Internet, from traditional wired connections to newer wireless technologies. Gallosky Networks can assist with getting all devices connected at your business, along with many other services to maintain, expand, or consolidate network equipment. And if the cost of upgrading your network equipment is cost-prohibitive, we have solutions for that as well.

Wireless upgrade

It's quite common that small and midsize Coachella Valley businesses rely on wireless built-in to their Internet provider's device. While this device is suitable, we can assist with implementing an enterprise-grade wireless solution. Experience higher reliability, coverage, and speed with our wireless solutions. In addition, our wireless equipment employs the highest level of security to keep your employees and business safe.

Guest networks

Subletting your office space? Want to provide wireless for your customers and clients? Gallosky Networks can assist with creating separate wired and wireless networks for your guests, all completely isolated from your business and devices. By segregating your network between internal and external users, you can better secure your network and ensure that internal devices cannot be accessed.

Network troubleshooting

Does your business have a network port that doesn't work, or are you often getting disconnected from your wireless network? Like pretty much everything, your network and other cables won't last forever. If you have a bad network port, we can diagnose the issue and remedy the issue fast. Generally, it doesn't require running a new cable from your network room to the wall port either! We can troubleshoot any wired or wireless issue, and working with you and your business, we'll craft a solution to remedy the issue.

Managed equipment plans.

For many small businesses, purchasing a new server or networking equipment may be financially out of reach. Gallosky Networks offers equipment leasing services for a variety of technology, from telephones to servers. For a low monthly price with no down payment, Gallosky Networks can provide the financing services with no interest. Through our managed equipment plans, we'll manage your equipment and warranty it as needed, with equipment upgrades every five years.

Full throttle.

High speed networks made possible

Better coverage.

Say goodbye to dead spots

Fast switching.

Easily switch between access points

Should we upgrade if we have a mesh wireless network?

Mesh networking is where one access point (device that gives WiFi signals) is connected via a cable to your network. All other devices rely on that one connection to give wireless signal to other areas of your business. With our enterprise wireless solutions, each access point is connected directly to your network. This increases speed of your wireless, and overall reliability. We recommend businesses upgrade if they want the best security, speed, and coverage available.

One of our network ports isn't working - can you help?

Of course! Generally, this is because the port is not connected to your network in your network room. If all the wall plates are labeled - great! Even if the ports aren't labeled, we have special powers, naturally. Just kidding! We use what's called a toner and probe to detect cables. On the wall plate side of the connection, we plug in the toner. We use the probe in the network room to find the cable. When we're close to a match, the probe will emit a unique tone, letting us know we found the one. We'll connect it and get the port ready to use.

I think someone is stealing our WiFi connection. What should I do?

We can assist with determining what devices are currently connected and what devices have connected to your wireless network recently. Through some thorough investigation, we can disable unknown devices on your network, or simply update the password and other security settings to lock out any unauthorized use.