Maintenance services

Keeping your technology up and running with preventative care

Like with pretty much everything, technology needs to be maintained as well. Our maintenance services offer your business the piece of mind that all technology hardware and software components will be kept up. From firmware updates to a disk cleanup, all technology needs some love once in a while. Our maintenance service will ensure that all computers, servers, and networking equipment stay updated and optimized. And with our monthly wellness visit option, we'll come out once a month to do a visual inspection of all equipment as well.

Computer maintenance

While it's quite uncommon to see users preforming maintenance tasks on their work computers, multiple tasks should be completed on a regular basis to ensure the optimal performance of your computer. Our automated maintenance software keeps your computer updated with Windows Updates, and popular applications as well. It also will help keep your computer optimized via various cleanup operations. We'll ensure all device firmware updates are applied monthly, and ensure no device alerts are present.

Server maintenance

Servers certainly need to be maintained. We start with updating Microsoft Windows and any installed applications on the server, followed by device firmware updates. These updates assist with security as well as overall stability of the server. During this time, we'll ensure that all backups are running, and that no hardware problems are detected.

Network maintenance

While networking equipment may not need as much attention as servers and workstations, they still require monthly attention. We'll first look at all wired network connections to ensure that all connections are running at the fastest speed supported. Next, we'll check for device firmware updates, and apply as needed.

Monthly wellness visits.

We believe that coming down to your business shouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Included with our Managed Care Plan, your dedicated Support Specialist will visit your business once a month to thoroughly health check your network infrastructure. By stopping by to say hello to all staff, we can ensures that no issues exist, and therefore reducing unexpected downtime for your staff, your customers, and your business. If a user is experiencing a technical issue, we'll gladly assist while we're already there on-site. After speaking with all staff, we'll provide a visual inspection of all networking and server equipment as well.

Full throttle.

An optimized computer is way more fun

Stay up to date.

With software and firmware updates

Safe and secure.

Updates that patch security holes

When is maintenance performed?

We'll work with you and your business to determine the best maintenance window that allows us to complete all maintenance tasks while minimizing inconvenience to you and your staff. While we generally perform maintenance overnight, we can customize the frequency and window of maintenance to best suit the needs of your business.

How often should maintenance be performed?

For the majority of our clients, we recommend a monthly maintenance schedule that handles all computer, server, and networking maintenance needs. To ensure this standard schedule best fits the dynamics of your business, we'll work with you to determine if any specific needs exist.

What is the ususal maintenance window duration?

Generally we plan for two hours to complete all maintenance. While the actual time is generally far less, we always plan in some extra time in case additional maintenance tasks are needed, or if the tasks take longer than expected to complete. Depending on business needs, we can notify all users when maintenance begins and once it's complete.