Incident response services

Complete security incident mitigation

A security breach can be a scary experience. Whether it comes from an internal employee, a past employee, or a complete stranger, the end result is the same. Gallosky Networks can tackle any security incident with a variety of mitigation techniques. From time of detection to recovery, we'll be there with you and your business to ensure a successful foundation to move forward.

Step 1

When the threat is detected, we'll start working tirelessly to stop continued damage from occurring. Stopping the damage could be a mulitude of things - from a ransomware virus encrypting your entire server then moving on to individual computers, an internal employee sending confidential files to their personal storage devices or services, or a disgruntled former employee that still has access to internal network resources using company data at their new place of employement. Whatever it takes to stop further damage from occurring, we'll swiftly put a plan into action.

Step 2

Once continued damage has been stopped, it's time to start the assessment process and put together a plan in place, so recovery can begin. Depending on the scope of the security breach, this could mean restoring known-good data, notifying affected customers of a breach, or physically replacing equipment that was stolen. The incident response team will report their findings to you, along with our plan on how to repair the damage, and how long we expect this to take.

Step 3

During the recovery process, your team of specialists will do just that - restore as much as possible to their previous state before the breach occurred. We'll work with you and other vendors, such as public relations or credit monitoring firms as needed. We'll keep you and any stakeholders informed of our recovery process, and if challenges come up, we'll bring them to your attention along with our plan and updated timeline.

Post threat support.

Once recovery is complete, we'll stick around to ensure that any and all loose-ends are taken care of. We generally prefer to spend the next day on-site and work with each user to make sure that no further recovery is needed. We'll meet with you and any stakeholders as well, and let everyone know how successful the recovery effort was, along with a detailed report of how it happened and what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future.

Swift response.

If only we could have lights and sirens

Find and stop.

Quickly ending further damage

Complete care.

With you until hapily ever after

Help! We've been a victim of a ransomware attack

Not to worry - we're here to help! We'll first stop the bleeding, and determine what data the cyber criminals got their hands on, and the value of the data that is now encrypted. We'll work with you and your business to determine if it makes sense to pay the ransom, or if we can forgo. Once we get a plan together, we'll either work directly with the cyber criminals to restore your data, or if not necessary, we'll work on restoring data and the security of your network to minimize risk in the future.

What's the best way to stay secure?

Working with Gallosky Networks, we can create an action plan that your business can carry out. Simple tasks such as employee offboarding, Windows and firmware updates, or antiquated technology often create security holes to your network. We'll put a plan in place, and see how we can help out.

All my data has been stolen, can you get it back?

Sadly, it depends. We'll work with you to determine what available options we have, including backups you have (hopefully) taken of the data. We'll work to examine data integrity and with any luck, start restoring your files, along with getting a plan in place to get the stolen data back into the right hands.