In house specialist services

We'll spend the day in your office to support your users

Make some space for us to sit once a week, and we'll gladly show up! Your Client Support Specialist will spend the day at your business, providing end user support by monitoring and managing your servers, desktops and devices. We'll spend the day at your business, making sure your employees technologies are running smoothly so your business can achieve ultimate productivity and have a personal experience with your technology team.

Breakfast is served

During each visit, we'll bring breakfast for all staff members, normally with plenty to spare to allow for seconds. From bagels to donuts, burritos to sandwiches, we'll provide a delicious way to start the day for all of your employees. We'll take this time as we pass out breakfast to talk with your employees and ensure that any technology issues are noted so we can address them after breakfast.

A personable approach

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, including the people that work for our clients. Having your Client Support Specialist on-site weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly allows us to truly connect with all staff members. Through these relationships, we're able to build trust so that when an issue arises it's reported in a prompt manner, free of blame or guilt.

Fully customizable

We'll work with your business to determine the freqency and duration of each visit. While our in house specailist service started with a weekly visit to your business throughout the entire day, we can customize our service to work best for you and your business.

End user training.

At Gallosky Networks, we believe in continuing education for our entire team, and we'd love to expand the same principals to your team. We can develop ongoing technology training, and even develop our curriculum with you involved in each lesson. Popular topics include security awareness, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Windows training. We can also train staff members on specialized software applications for your business, and provide new hire training to get new recruits quickly up to speed.

Breakfast included.

Because bacon smells so yummy

Personal experiences.

In person support for your team

Endless learning.

Meaningful classes for your team

How long do you stay for?

Our standard service includes having your dedicated Client Support Specialist on site for a standard business day. We'll work with you on the actual times, but generally we arrive around 9am and leave at 5pm once a week. While we have a standard service, everything can be customized, from the amount of hours to when we show up and leave.

What about other clients you support?

Your dedicated Client Support Specialist certainly will have other clients in his or her portfolio, and may take calls from these clients throughout the day. We designed Gallosky Networks with the client in mind, and intentionally assign a low number of clients and devices to support for each specialist. In fact, once your dedicated specialist is working on average 50% out of their day, their portfolio won't grow. By keeping each specialist's case load low, we can provide the best of service, even if on location for the day. And in the rare instance where your specialist would have to leave to attend to a client emergency, we'll try to adjust our schedule with other specialists so we don't have to leave early. If we leave early, we'll make it up to you.

How does my specialist spend their day?

After starting off with breakfast and talking with all staff to see if any technology issues have popped up, the technician will plan out their day by first addressing any support requests. After all support requests have been completed, the specialist will visually inspect all networking and server equipment to ensure no hardware errors have occurred. Lastly, they will work on any outstanding projects that your business may be working with us on.