Walk for Art, Inc.

Get to know how Gallosky Networks helped Walk for Art with their technology needs

About the business.

Business name: Walk for Art - Anaheim, California

Business summary: Walk for Art is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization serving LA metro and Inland Empire underserved young aspiring artists.

The problem.

Many times students or staff needed technical support with technology, however they experienced long wait times with their current IT company. The final straw was when their server crashed and was not fixed in a timely manner.

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The solution.

We pride ourselves in our fast response times, generally under five minutes. While we were happy to assist all staff and students with the backlog of open requests, we also immediately implemented weekly site visits. Each Friday, a technician from Gallosky Networks visits the non profit from 8am - 12pm to provide staff and students in person assistance. We were able to clear a backlog of nearly 50 requests for service in under a week.