Client Whitepaper: Stork Savvy

Get to know how Gallosky Networks helped Stork Savvy with their technology needs

About the business.

Business name: Stork Savvy - Anaheim, California

Business summary: Stork Savvy is a large business that ships customers children's clothes in a subscription based model.

The problem.

The IT department at Stork Savvy was simply overwhelmed. With continued growth, the business kept expanding, and with expansion the IT department was stretched thin with resources. Additionally, while knowledgable with the systems developed, they needed assistance with scaling their technology to meet the ever-increasing demand.

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The solution.

Gallosky Networks formed a partnership with their internal IT department. After meeting with all department staff, we determined knowledge gaps and created a plan of action to suppliment their department. We worked with the department to automatically forward calls to Gallosky Networks when the team was too busy or otherwise unavailable, acting as an extension of level one and after hours support.