Client Whitepaper: Roadrunner Print and Ship

Get to know how Gallosky Networks helped Roadrunner Print and Ship with their technology needs

About the business.

Business name: Roadrunner Print and Ship - Palm Springs, California

Business summary: Roadrunner Print and Ship offers a wide variety of design, print, and ship services, along with mailbox rental and promotional products.

The problem.

Roadrunner Print and Ship designs professional graphics and marketing materials for businesses throughout the valley. All files were stored on a centralized computer that was not being backed up. The business was concerned about the implications should something happen with their central computer.

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The solution.

Understanding the risk of not backing up your files, the Gallosky Networks team quickly worked with the business to implement our managed cloud backup solution. After configuring, and installing the solution within an hour, files were starting to be backed up to the cloud, secured by full encryption. The team monitored the backup progress and within two days, had all files safely backed up. The business had the piece of mind knowing that all important files were no longer at the mercy of their computer, and that any particular revision of a file or directory could be restored at a moment's notice. They also enjoy not having the chore of remembering to back up their data manually, something that was often forgotten about before.