Client Whitepaper: Five-0 Automotive, LLC

Get to know how Gallosky Networks helped Five-0 Automotive with their technology needs

About the business.

Business name: Five-0 Automotive - Costa Mesa, California

Business summary: Five-0 Automotive is a small business specializing in restoration, collision, and general body work for all makes and models of vehicles.

The problem.

Five-0 Automotive contacted us upon starting their business, in need of setting up a workstation in their office, along with Internet, business telephone, and a mobile device that connects with their technology in the office. The business also did not yet have a website or email.

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The solution.

The team at Gallosky Networks went to work helping the staff at Five-0 Automotive. Sensing the urgency for the business to get fully set up, we first worked with the business to determine needs of the business, and ordered the computer, printer, UniFi wireless equipment, and iPad. We then sourced Internet options in the area, and presented our recommendation to the business. Gallosky Networks prepared all equipment and the business phone system before the installation date of the Internet. The same day that the Internet was installed, we had all technology set up and fully functional. After training all the staff on the new technology, and conducting multiple tests, the business was up and running in no time. During this process, we also set up enterprise-grade email for the staff, and worked with stakeholders to design a modern website for the business.