Graphic design services

Capture the attention of your audience with custom graphics

Graphics are one of the most forgotten and unappreciated elements of any marketing campaign. From websites to flyers and direct mail, graphics enhance text elements, and can transform any advertising method into a memorable connection. Logos are another example of something forgotten and undervalued. A logo is an extension to your business, and provides visual representation of your business and guiding principals. Unfortunately, attention spans are shrinking - graphics help attract interest and keep people reading.

Graphics are essential to any marketing campaign, and add another dimension to any marketing campaign. Gallosky Networks can assist in any graphic design project, from event signage to business cards and direct mailing materials. We'll work directly with you to create the right graphics to match the purpose, mood, and your business. We start out by coming up with a few different design paths, and work with you to see which option(s) appeal to you. From there, we can revise the graphics, and fine-tune as needed to get the design absolutely perfect.

Graphics tie in directly with your company's logo. Essentially, your logo is the foundation of your company and creating a brand that is both impactful and memorable. Think about the logos you see everyday, and how they are tied to emotions and experiences. By designing a logo that not only represents your company and your values today, but can be scalable for the future, your logo can grow with your business as you evolve over time. We'll work with you to understand your business, mission, and culture before coming up with a few designs that truly fit your company.

Part of building your brand includes using a consistent theme - including colors, fonts, and styles. We can work with logos and other graphics that were done by other graphic designers to design beautiful, impactful graphics that invigorate, while still respecting your company's existing branding guidelines.

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I have Photoshop, can't I do this myself?

Having the knowledge to use design software such as the Adobe suite can certainly help in creating impactful graphics. However, this is just one piece of the puzzle. A professional graphic designer, like any artist, has the skills and experience needed to truly maximize the value of any particular graphic. From a simple mailer to presentation materials for a potential client, working with a graphic designer will ensure that the design is meaningful and memorable - no matter the scope.

I'm not happy with my current logo, should I change it?

It's certainly understandable that you might want to update your logo after a few years to better represent your company today. We can work with you to review your current logo, and understand how the logo no longer represents your company today. While we would be happy to create a new logo from scratch, we find that there are many instances where we can keep certain elements of your current logo in the redesign. During our consultation, we'll take a peek and evaluate our options, and take it from there.

How important is graphic consistency?

Pretty important! Think of it this way - there are two new cars, same brand, same model next to each other. One car has a beautiful black paint job throughout. The other car has one door black, the hood is grey, and the bumper is blue. While you personally might prefer a multi-colored car, consumers generally would pick the all-black car instead because of the consistent paint color.