Equipment leasing services

Make your next equipment purchase attainable faster

For many small businesses, purchasing a new server or networking equipment may be financially out of reach. Gallosky Networks offers equipment leasing services for a variety of technology, from telephones to servers. For a low monthly price with no down payment, Gallosky Networks can provide the financing services with no interest. Through our managed equipment plans, we'll manage your equipment and warranty it as needed, with equipment upgrades every five years.

Pay as you go

We understand that the cost of equipment can be out of reach for some Coachella Valley small and midsize businesses. Because of this, we offer to pay for the new technology equipment upfront, with no money down and no interest due each month. We do this via our managed equipment plans. These plans break the cost of the equipment over 60 months, or five years. After the five years of small monthly payments, you can choose to either have us replace your equipment with newer equipment, or keep the equipment and no longer pay a monthly fee.

Managed equipment

During the five years of maintenance on the equipment, we'll ensure your technology is running smoothly. And issue relating to the physical hardware is covered, and if necessary, a replacement will be issued. Desk phone no longer receiving calls? Wireless access point not delivering WiFi to your staff and customers? With our managed equipment plan, all of these issues are covered, free of charge.

New technology every five years.

We can all admit that technology is ever-changing. With our managed equipment plans, we'll evaluate the needs of your business every five years, and upgrade your technology for a similar monthly payment. You'll enjoy technology that truly works for your business, while staying ahead of the curve. As new technologies are released, we'll work with you and your business to upgrade your devices.

Cost efficient.

Small payments that make it possible

Zero down payment.

A down payment everyone can afford

Zero interest.

Focused on your business, no profits

Can I pay off the equipment leasing agreement early?

Sure - if you'd like to terminate the managed equipment plan that we set up for you, we'll work with you to determine how many installment payments are left. Pay the remainder payments, and the equipment is yours to keep for however long you'd like! Once the payments are complete, however, maintenance will end on the equipment.

Can I upgrade to new equipment sooner?

Absolutely - we'll work with you to upgrade your equipment as your needs change, even if that means before the standard five year replacement plan. While we can upgrade you to new equipment sooner, we would require that the current equipment maintenance plan is paid completely before starting a new equipment maintenance plan with us.

Is all equipment new?

We offer clients a choice of both new and pre-loved equipment. With new equipment, payments and maintenance are spread over a five year period. With refurbished equipment, payments and maintenance are spread over a one year period. While the initial monthly cost may be the same for new and used equipment, businesses will be able to own the equipment sooner.