E-mail and productivity services

Upgrade your e-mail suite with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace

Email is often an overlooked aspect of marketing and overall business identity. We see it over again where a business lists a free Gmail or Yahoo email address for their business. Gallosky Networks can help with business grade email from either Microsoft 365 or Google Workspaces, built with powerful technology to help your business be more productive. Best of all, your email will now complement your website. Instead of having galloskynetworks@gmail.com, you can now have dale@gallosky.net as your email address.

Microsoft and Google options

Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, is the standard for most businesses, from small businesses to large international enterprises. Microsoft 365 offers users the reliability they expect, while using the de-facto email and productivity suite including Excel, Outlook, and Word, that many users are familiar with. Your business can choose from web-apps only, or the traditional desktop versions of this platform. At Gallosky Networks, we'll work with you and stakeholders at your business to go over all pricing and options. For users who enjoy using the Google suite, including Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Sheets, we offer the professional upgrade to this popular suite via Google Workspace, formerly Google Apps and G Suite.

Implementation process

Once a business-grade platform is selected for email and productivity, we'll present a plan of action to migrate users over, including all email, calendar, and contacts. We can also transfer any data stored in Google Drive or other online storage platform. We'll perform a seamless transition to the new platform, and work with your users for training and other needs post-migration.

Administrative and maintenance services.

With these platforms, there are many administrative options that can be performed. From adding an outgoing staff member's email account to his or her manager, adding or removing a particular email address from the spam filter, to receiving email alerts if a particular action is performed, Gallosky Networks can manage these platforms after implementation to ease the administrative learning curve required. We'll handle all aspects of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace management so you can focus on your small or midsize business here in the Coachella Valley.

Best in class.

Super reliable, it should win an award

Super professional.

Improve your reputation

Ample options.

Security, mail flow, and everthing else

How much administration is required?

Generally, once the initial setup is complete, management is pretty much hands-off. If you'd like a new user created, mail flow modifications, or additional security as examples, that's where we would come in and assist. Depending on the size and needs of your business, we sometimes only get requests for assistance once every few months or less post-migration. It really will determine how you use the platform, and how many users are active on the platform your business chooses.

Is Microsoft or Google easier to use?

Both suites are quite easy to use, but it really depends on the users. Some businesses prefer the look and feel of Google, while others prefer the desktop applications that Microsoft provides. We'll work with your business no matter what to ensure the best platform is chosen for the needs of your business and its users.

How long does it take to migrate over?

Unfortunately there is no concrete answer. However, we can give you some quick examples. If your business is using a simple Gmail account and just sends and receive email without utilizing Google Drive or other Google services, we should be able to migrate your business over the weekend. If your business has several users, the migration could take over a week.