Customer Relationship Management services

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We can all agree that referrals are the best source of advertising. After all, one of your satisfied customers praising you to their friends or family not only builds brand awareness, but also enforces trust for your company. Customer Relationship Management software helps businesses stay connected to their current customers while building new ones. With two options to choose from, your business can elevate the way you connect with current and future clients on a budget you can afford.

Standard plan.

Our standard software package is setup, configured, and supported by our very own staff at Gallosky Networks. From sales, email marketing, reports, activities, customer information and more, our Customer Relationship Management software will help improve relationships with current and potential clients. Throughout the implementation phase, we'll help make our software yours, with custom fields and modules suited to the needs of your business. We'll also provide end user training to all. Best of all, our platform is built to scale, from an army of one or a hundred, all for the same cost per month.

Premium plan.

Gallosky Networks also offers a premium Customer Relationship Management solution that integrates features from the standard application suite, but also includes payments, social media, a client portal, reviews, and reputation management. Additionally, customers can book appointments right through the same platform, providing a truly integrated approach to managing your business, your customers, and potential customers. With our premium offering, premium support is included.

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What support is included?

For our standard plan, we offer support Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm, excluding holidays. After hours support can be added for an additional fee. Support is handled internally by Gallosky Networks staff. For our premium plan, support is handled directly with the application vendor, and is US based, available 24/7/365. The team of specialists will be happy to help with any question, whether it's technical or relating to customizations.

What businesses can benefit from a CRM?

It doesn't matter if your business is an army of one or a team of 50, Customer Relationship Management software will help your business. As a one (wo)man shop, we understand how many hats you may wear. A CRM will help automate manual tasks, and help remember who's who, along with past, current, and future activities with the customer. For a business with dedicated sales staff, staff can work together to assist a customer, and make a seamless handoff. Stakeholders will be able to see data in a high-level overview, along with detailed specifics to keep tabs on your current and future customers.

Can I post on social media through your CRM solutions?

With our premium plan, social media posting is included. We give you the tools to post to multiple platforms at once, and even schedule posts for the future. If you're stuck on what content to share, Gallosky Networks offers content creation services, or choose from over a half million social media stories to edit and build off of.