Cloud backup services

Never worry about lost data again with automatic, secure cloud backups

Is your data secured? Ever delete a file? Or wish you could revert a file back to a previous version? Your office can have this capability with managed computer and server backups from Gallosky Networks. Cloud Backup provides a simple, cost effective way of protecting your business data. We can schedule backups, recover data and check backup status and health for physical and virtual servers, workstations and documents.

Cloud backup

Our backup solution can go on both servers and workstations, along with Linux, Mac, or Windows operating systems. We protect your users data wherever it is stored and can recover it to anywhere. Backups are run automatically every fifteen minutes, in which any files that have been created or modified will be uploaded to the cloud automatically. Our solution supports version history, in which we can restore a particular file anytime it was saved, whether it's the current version or a version from seven years ago.

Preventative alerts

While having backups configured to run automatically is very important, equally important is ensuring that the backups are actually running. Through preventative alerts that warn us if a successful backup hasn't taken place in over a day, we also physically check on backup history once a week to ensure that backups are running successfully.

On site backups.

We can also assist with on site data backups. We'll work with you and your business to determine how much needs to be backed up, and where the data is currently stored to craft a custom solution. Backups will be set to occur either daily or twice a day, depending on business needs. We recommend this to businesses with an above-average amount of data, as restoring data from a local backup is much faster than downloading data from the cloud.

Early alerting.

Backup issues resolved quickly

Full validation.

Data validation for all backups

Safe and secure.

Fully secure, HIPPA compliant solutions

Are online backups safe?

Our cloud backup vendor is fully compliant with leading certifications, including both HIPPA and PCI. Your data will be completely safe, and is trusted by an industry expert in both data backup and security. Since backups are done off-site, they are not prone to environmental hazards.

What devices do you recommend backup be installed on?

Generally, we recommend installing our cloud backup software on all workstations and servers. Even if users are not supposed to be saving files to their computers, and instead should be saving to a centralized server, we know from experience that this doesn't always happen. We recommend backing up locally via an external hard drive or NAS any server, whether it is virtual or physical.

Can you take care of a backup alert for me?

Yes! By default, we will correct any issue relating to backups without first notifying you. If you'd prefer to be notified first before we take action, we can certainly arrange that, and even work with you to resolve the issue with the backup software or equipment.