Cabling services

Audio, network, security, and video cabling provider

Working with cables can be tricky, especially when they're run in not so easy to navigate spaces, such as ceilings, walls, and floors. Gallosky Networks can assist with any cabling project, no matter the scope of the project. From new office prep to conference room renovations, we can assist with any size cabling job your business needs.

Wired networking

More and more businesses are turning to wireless networking, also known as WiFi instead of traditional wired networks that require Ethernet cables to be run. However, these devices, known as access points, still need cables! However, many devices still require a wired connection, and more can benefit even with today's technology from a traditional wired connection. Whether your office is moving into a new place or you're just adding a new TV that you'd like a wired connection for, we'll work with you and any of your other vendors to coordinate what needs to be run and where it needs to be run to. We pride ourselves on making wires look as pretty as possible when exposed, even in server or networking rooms that might have low visibility. Each port will be labeled as well on both the wall plate and in the back room on the patch panel for easy identification down the road.

Cable organization

Looking at a messy tangle of wires in your networking closet? If your networking room, patch panel, or switches look more like a ball of random wires, we can help. We'll first untangle the mess, then design a beautiful way of routing cables where they need to go. We can also provide a blueprint of each cable and it's purpose, and label each cable in the back room as well as on the wall plate for future identification.

Connection troubleshooting

Like pretty much everything, your network and other cables won't last forever. If you have a bad network port, we can diagnose the issue and remedy the issue fast. Generally, it doesn't require running a new cable from your network room to the wall port either!

Conference room setup.

Ready to upgrade your current conference room? We can assist with all aspects of the technology that makes a conference room a hub for productivity. From televisions and mounting solutions, surround sound audio systems, and wireless or wired screen-sharing, we can design a conference room technology suite to fit your needs and budget.

Cable fluent.

We can cable just about anything

Forward thinking.

Everything labeled for the future

Vendor coordination.

We work well with others

Should I plan for my future cable needs?

Yes! We always recommend to our clients that they have double of the cables and ports that they plan on using today. This allows for future expansion, and since we're already here anyways, the cost will be a lot less than doing it in the future.

How can you locate which cable is which?

We have special powers, naturally. Just kidding! We use what's called a toner and probe to detect cables. On the wall plate side of the connection, we plug in the toner. We use the probe in the network room to find the cable. When we're close to a match, the probe will emit a unique tone, letting us know we found the one.

Are you able to hide wires?

With the exception of where the cables terminate in the network room, we certainly can. We give businesses the option of a more industrial looking exposed cables that are neatly fixed to the wall or ceiling, or we can hide them completely above the ceiling and in the walls.