Security audit and assement services

Mitigate security risk through ethical hacking with Gallosky Networks

Now more than ever, your business is at risk from many threats - both physical and electronic. From cyber attacks that exploit the smallest vulnerability to after-hours break-ins, Gallosky Networks has seen pretty much everything. While there is no way to completely eliminate all security risk in a business, we specialize in minimizing your risk and exposure to criminals through our suite of solutions.

Network penetration testing.

The weakest point in your electronic security may an external threat. Penetration testing by Gallosky Networks helps to determine the weakest link in your network. Through vulnerability and penetration testing, we'll attempt to hack into your network ethically. Once all testing completes, we'll prepare a report and present our findings, along with an action plan to mitigate risk going forward. We'll also compile a plan of action to keep external risk to a minimum.

Ethical hacking.

Our team of ethical hackers will try to penetrate your network in seemingly endless ways. Throughout this process, it's not uncommon that we'll interact with your staff along with attempting to breach the network behind-the-scenes. As an example, one of our staff members called up a client pretending to be a customer that forgot her username and password to their online account. Additionally, the customer no longer used the email address on file. We documented that the employee updated the email address and then sent a password reset link to the email address we set up just for this scenario. Needless to say, we worked with the client to update their policy and procedure on events such as this one to ask for account authentication questions before blindly giving us access to the customer's account.

Detailed discovery.

Would-be cyber criminals beware

Not to fear.

Turning the to-do list into to-done

Every device.

Servers, networking, and more

Should all businesses conduct security audits?

Actually, no. While that may come as a shock, we'll work with your business to conduct a free assessment of potential risk. We find that for most small and even midsize businesses, the actual risk doesn't outweigh the cost of conducting the audit. However, we do recommend that we come out for a free assessment once a year to confirm that security audits and assessments are still not critical.

How often should I get these audits and assesssments done?

If we do recommend that your business should perform detailed security audits and/or assessments, generally these would be performed on an annual basis. For some type of certifications, annual audits and assessments are required.

How long does it take?

Depending on the scope of the audit along with the dynamics of your business, it usually takes between one to two months to complete the security audit and/or assessment. After we finish the investigation work, we'll come up with a plan of action to patch any security holes. Depending on how many concerns are found, this could take another one to two months, or longer.